Winter Emergency: Share the Warmth

To those who need it most.


While we are during the Australian summer and looking forward to sharing time with family, friends and enjoying meals together, it is estimated around 4 million people around the world are experiencing harsh and severe winter weather conditions. Millions of displaced families are forced to live in tents in refugee camps, improvised settlements and abandoned buildings.

It is a daily struggle to keep warm and dry as they face severe cold weather, heavy rains and snow with temperatures plummeting well below zero and the wind chill making it feel even colder.

We may find it difficult to deal with such conditions, but can you imagine doing so without access to food, heating, blankets, warm clothing and shelter?

Severe winter conditions lead to hundreds of thousands of deaths each year, with many families and children starving, shivering, suffering and struggling to make it through another winter.

Unfortunately, this is the situation that many vulnerable families in Yemen, Lebanon, Palestine, Afghanistan and Pakistan will experience this winter.

The time to act is NOW, before the harsh winter weather sets in, before struggling families are faced with life-threatening conditions. We ask you to Share the Warmth of family, of friends and of food with others less fortunate and save lives.


Winter pack for 1 family



Winter pack for 3 families



Winter pack for 6 families


What Penny Appeal is doing: 

Penny Appeal Australia is providing winter packs, comprising blankets, warm clothes or food for families in Yemen, Palestine and Lebanon.

Donate now to Share the Warmth and save lives.