A decade of war in Syria has upended the lives of millions of Syrians, devastated the economy and destroyed key infrastracture.


The humanitarian situation in Syria is stark. The decade-long war has claimed lives, destroyed futures, torn families apart, decimated the country’s economy and torn through a healthcare system that has been devastated by the global pandemic.

Since the war began in March 2011, 387,000 people have lost their lives.

More than 13 million people in Syria require urgent humanitarian aid whilst 6.7 million people remain displaced in there homes. Almost 6 million people have fled into neighbouring countries including Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey. Of those, more than one million Syrian refugee children have been born in exile over the past decade, many of them having never attended school.

The refugee camps are all they know.

The humanitarian situation is deteriorating every day at an alarming rate. With limited access to food, clean water and sanitation, medicine and hospitals, the future is a distant thought for those who continue to suffer.

Nobody deserves a life of horror and uncertainty. This Ramadan, take your Zakat and Sadaqah further. Help us support those most in need.

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$80 – Could provide 1 emergency food parcel

$200 – Could help establish a bakery that supports and feeds vulnerable Yemeni families.

$600 – Could provide clean water and sanitation to those suffering from cholera.


Currently facing cold weather conditions in addition to the global pandemic, the living conditions are unbearable. Warm clothing, heating, shelter, blankets and other emergency essentials are in dire need - especially now, in Ramadan. Penny Appeal Australia is working fast to help as many vulnerable Syrians in and outside Syria.

Our trusted partners are helping us deliver essential items such as food, water, sanitation facilities, hygiene kits, medicine and education.

Use your Zakat and Sadaqah today.

This Ramadan, Take Charge. Help Syria now.

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More than half a million children under the age of five in Syria "suffer from stunting as a result of chronic malnutrition." UNICEF reports.

Reports show that as the economic crisis worsened last year, the price of the average food basket increased by over 230 per cent.

UNICEF reports that many families that have fled violence multiple times — some as many as seven times — in search of safety. It said children have suffered through another long winter where many people living in tents and unfinished buildings battled severe weather, including torrential rain and snow.

We cannot let this decade long conflictbe a grim milestone.

This Ramadan, Take Charge.

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Penny Appeal Australia is rapidly responding to this humaniatarian crises, delivering urgent aid to those in Lebanon, Jordan, Turkey and more. We’re also working with our trrusted team and partners who work tirelessly to ensure that your donation reaches those mose affected and most vulnerable.

Alongside our immediate emergency response program, we’re sponsoring orphans and vulnerable children, implementing a mobile school caravan in Turkey to provide education and tools.

Right now, Penny Appeal Australia only has a small fraction of the funding needed to keep responding. Your donations are life-saving to the people of Syria in their hour of greatest need.
Every single penny counts.

Use your Zakat and Sadaqah to save lives this Ramadan.

Take charge. Give.