Plant an Olive Tree

Give a Sadaqah Jariyah in the best way! Plant an olive tree in Palestine for $30 and reap ongoing rewards!

Provide sustenance in the form of an Olive tree to a Palestinian family in need for only $30

A source of sustainable income to many struggling Palestinian farmers, the olive tree is more than just a gift, it's a sustainable souce of empowerment to Palestianian farmers who have struggled.

The distribution of Olive seedlings, saplings and small trees help farmers make a profit from the olives. Farmers are provided with protection in the form of fencing and water networks to ensure the safety of this crop and beautiful gift.

Distributed to the most vulnerable families in need, when you gift an olive tree with Penny Appeal Australia, we provide small healthy trees. Our team and partners ensure that our recipient families have the support they need to plant the olive trees to immediately see continued growth and fruit which ultimately means that you instantly reap the rewards.

Gift an Olive tree for $30 today.

$30 provides one olive tree.

$90 provides the gift of three olive trees to struggling Palestinian farmers.

$150 provides five olive trees to five struggling Palestinian families.



As a source of livelihood, olive farming and production is crucial as 14% of the Palestinian economy consists of olive products, with products such as oil, soap, pickles and more, using extracts from the olive oil.

Give an olive tree today and reap the rewards of endless sadaqah!

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