Fidya is paid on behalf of those who cannot fast due to old age, ill health or unforseen circumstances, and cannot make up their missed fasts.


Fidya or Fidyah is usually offered by those who unintentionally or out of necessity have missed fasts in Ramadan due to old age, chronic illnesses, health reasons, pregnancy, travel and other unforseen circumstances and cannot make up those fasts.

“[Fasting is for] a limited number of days. So whoever among you is ill or on a journey [during them] – then an equal number of days [are to be made up]. And upon those who are able [to fast, but with hardship] – a ransom [as substitute] of feeding a poor person [each day]. And whoever volunteers excess – it is better for him. But to fast is best for you, if you only knew,” (Qur’an, 2:184-5)

Once your Fidya is paid, we work to ensure that it is distributed within the most impoverished communities around the world.

How much do you need to pay?

For every missed fast, one has to pay the value of half a saa. In Australia, this equates to two meals for one person or one meal for two people which would cost $10 per day of every missed fast. $300 covers missed fasts for the entire month of Ramadan.

Please consult your local Sheikh or Imam if you’re unsure. Amount may vary depending on country of origin.

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The donations received through Fidya and Kaffarah have always traditionally been used to feed the hungry and the poor, and we honour this Islamic custom at Penny Appeal Australia.

All Fidya and Kaffarah donations are channelled exclusively to our food aid program, Feed Our World, that looks at providing immediate relief and long term sustainability projects and helps build food security in impoverished communities.

Your Fidya can also be used to provide immediate food relief in response to emergencies in disaster and conflict zones,

The Penny Appeal Australia team is currently responding to emergencies in:

Lebanon Syria Myanmar Yemen

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$10 per missed fast provides one person with two meals or provides two people with a meal each.

+ $70 covers an entire week (7 days) of missed fasts.

+ $140 covers two weeks (14 days) of missed fasts.

+ $300 covers an entire (30 days) of missed fasts.