COVID-19 Relief Fund

The Government of Australia and World Health Organization (WHO) have advised to help reduce the spread of COVID-19, for the public to avoid large public gatherings, avoid all non-essential travel in and out of the country, and for the elderly and those self-isolated to avoid significant public contact. Therefore, we must respond to the needs of our community and help provide these essential Relief Kit's to those who need it most.

$75 will provide a family of 4 one Relief Kit which includes staple food items and essential hygiene/sanitation products.

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Coronavirus International Emergency

Crisis upon crisis; year after year.

Syria Coronavirus Response

As the coronavirus spreads across the Middle East, there is growing concern that Syria is likely to face a major outbreak – which would be catastrophic in a country already ravaged by nine years of war.

According to the World Health Organisation, only half of Syrian hospitals are functional, and there's a huge lack of doctors, medical equipment and medication in the country.

We've already distributed over 1,450 Hygiene Kits to displaced Syrians, but much more support is needed to keep these innocent people safe.

Gaza Coronavirus Response

There are 30 known cases of the coronavirus in Bethlehem and the West Bank already, and there is a severe fear of it reaching Gaza which is densely populated and lacking in adequate medical equipment and support.

If this crisis escalates in Gaza, 2.1 million Palestinian people will be in danger. Gazans are living in unsanitary and unsafe housing, where the crisis could spread rapidly, putting the lives of elderly, disabled and vulnerable people at extreme risk.

Help prevent the spread of the coronavirus in Gaza by sending essential aid to the Palestinians who live here. Donate a Coronavirus Testing Kit, Food Pack or Hygiene Kit to keep our brothers and sisters in Gaza out of harm’s way.


One Testing Kit



Two Testing Kits



Six Testing Kits



Ten Testing Kits


Help prevent a catastrophe

We're all affected by the coronavirus pandemic - but here in the Australia, we have the luxury of clean water, safe homes and free healthcare.

People in refugee camps in Syria, Gaza and around the world do not have that luxury.

70 million people have been forced by persecution, conflict, violence and human rights violations to flee their homes, according to the UN. Whilst there are currently no known cases of the coronavirus in refugee camps, this is likely due to be a result of a lack of testing.

We need to help these extremely vulnerable people to get prepared and stay safe, because we know that the overcrowded and unsanitary conditions in refugee camps are the perfect breeding-grounds for viruses to spread rapidly.

We’re working with incredible partners on the ground in Syria and Gaza, who are risking their lives to bring essential aid to refugees. Please give generously – your donations will have a huge impact in helping prevent the spread of the deadly coronavirus.

What Your Donations Deliver


One Hygiene Kit



Two Hygiene Kits



Three Hygiene Kits



Ten Relief Kits